Pro Convert Latency Test

Testing environment

Testing method

The signal source equipment outputs HDMI signal to a HDMI splitter. The output port #1 of the splitter is connected to Monitor 1 and output port #2 is connected to a Pro Convert device. The Pro Convert device captures the video and sends NDI stream to the network. The computer uses NewTek Studio Monitor to receive NDI stream from Pro Convert, and is connected to monitor 2. A stopwatch video is being played by the signal source equipment. The smallest unit it can measure is 0.001 second, which is 1 ms. The original video is played on monitor 1, and the video stream received by NewTek Studio Monitor is played on monitor 2. Take a photo of display 1 and display 2 at the same time, and calculation is done according to the data in the photo. The same test is done for 6 times to get 6 results in order to be more accurate.

Causes of Error

  1. Manual measurement error caused by photography
  2. The latency is very small, which is measured by milli-seconds.
  3. The processing latency of all the connected hardware

Testing Result

source format latency(ms)
1 2 3 4 5 6 minimum
1080p@60Hz 100 117 117 117 133 117 100
2160p@60Hz 133 133 117 150 133 133 117


Please refer to the minimum value. Considering the error, the actual latency caused by the Pro Convert should be less than the minimum value.