Capture Express V3.1

Capture Express offers a simple, dedicated tool for recording or previewing input sources. Originally designed to let users easily verify their input signals and capture devices, Capture Express has evolved into a simple yet full-fledged capture application supporting video recording up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

Comparison of Capture Express V2 and V3.1

Snapshot, record, stream1

Encoding: Low latency mode & normal mode2

Support current Magewell capture devices3

1Snapshot, record, stream

2Encoding: normal mode

3Support current and future Magewell capture devices

4Audio level adjustment

5Run up to 9 instances simultaneously

6GPU-accelerated encoding

7Support no-border mode

8Support for selecting recording file unit by duration

9Brand new and more user-friendly UI

Record at 4K60

Capture Express records one channel of video as mp4 files to your local storage. Users can customize the resolution, frame rate, bitrate and color space of the recording, or simply choose “match source” for easy setting. Capture Express uses H.264 encoding format for video compression.

Single-frame, burst and periodic mode

Users can take one or five continuous snapshots by simply one click, or take snapshots by self-defined time interval.

Video Processing Functions

The software provides various video processing functions such as cropping, up/down scaling, brightness/hue/saturation/contrast control. These processing functions are done by the FPGA in the capture hardware with 0 CPU usage.

No-boarder Mode

One click to switch to no-border Mode for capture preview. Users can display multiple Capture Express borderless windows on one screen, so that they can preview the seamless video splicing.

Software Update

Capture Express V3.1 keeps updating, providing users with more professional and advanced functions to improve the video capture and recording experience.

Capture Express V2 has ceased to update, users are recommended to update to V3.1.