Release Notes

Version 1.2.122
  • Add a web settings page.
  • Add support for multi-user access.
  • Add support for HEVC/H.265.
  • Add support for setting more video and audio codec parameters.
Version 1.1.4193
  • Before upgrading to 1.2.x, please upgrade the firmware to 1.1.4193 first.
Version 1.1.4179
  • Add support for Facebook live streaming via RTMPS.
  • The client needs to update the APP of the corresponding version to use with this firmware.
Version 1.1.4159
  • Add support for setting network priority for streaming.
  • Add support for connecting the device through AP mode. Learn more 
  • Add support for streaming at 8 Mbps.
  • Add support for 32 bytes Wi-Fi password.
Version 1.1.4059
  •  Add a function of user authentication for custom streaming server configuration.
  • Optimize the UI of the image/video preview area.

Version 1.1.3964
  • Optimize operation when both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection are available.
  •  Add an alert when the encoding parameters are set higher than what recommended by FB.
  • Add preset for streaming to Facebook Live.
  • Fix known problems and optimize performance to ensure smooth operation.
Version 1.1.3935
  • Optimize UI design.
  • Fix known problems and optimize the performance.
Version 1.0

Beta release.