Capture SDK


The video source can be captured as multiple streams in different formats and sent to any number of applications. The resolution, frame rate, deinterlacing, cropping, OSD of each stream can be set differently.

Super-low Latency Data Transfer

Support to transfer data in block. It will reduce the time for capturing data. Support AMD Acceleration Parallel Processing(APP) and NVIDIA GPUDirect technology. Video data can be directly transferred to graphics memory.

Total Latency Capture Latency

Multi-Device Synchronization

Support A/V frames synchronization which can be captured from multiple capture devices in one computer or in multiple computers.

Use Hardware to Do Image OSD

By using the SDK, users can overlay RGBA picture on the captured video in real time. This is processed by hardware and causes no CPU usage. Multiple captured videos can be overlapped to achieve PIP(Picture-in-Picture) and PAP (Picture-And-Picture).

Support More Color Spaces

Up to 34 color spaces can be supported, which includes 10 bit format such as AYUV, V408, V410, Y410, RGB10 and BGR10.

Control the Status of LED

Users can set the LED to be on, off, flashing or breathing to show the different status of the capture card.

Firmware Upgrade

Magewell SDK supports using API to upgrade the firmware, so it is more convenient for the user to do deep integration and to do remote upgrade.

Obtain Data Package of InfoFrame

Support to obtain original infoFrame data package of HDMI, including AVI, Audio, SPD, MS, VS, ACP etc. Canon and Sony DSRL time code can be obtained.

Fully Asynchronous Algorithm Event Notification

Support coordination and data collection of fully asynchronous algorithm event, so development of upper level software is more flexible and efficient.

Capture 8-Channel Audio

Support capturing of IEC60958/IEC61937 audio, including uncompressed audio such as 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel, DTS,THX,SRS and compressed audio such as AAC and MP3. Click to see how to use audio 5.1 or audio 7.1 in Linux.