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Short FAQs about Pro Convert

Article ID: 005020013 Last Update: 2020-09-07

Applies to: Pro Convert Family

  1. Which kind of video stream do Pro Convert devices support? Full NDI® or NDI®|HX?

    Both Full NDI® and NDI®|HX are supported by Pro Convert decoders. Only Full NDI® is supported by Pro Convert encoders.

  2. Do Pro Convert devices support saving video files to local disk?

    Yes. You can use OBS and other software to record video captured by Pro Convert device and save it to local disk.

  3. How can I add an NDI® source from a Pro Convert device to OBS?

    Please go to OBS official website to download and install the NDI® plug-in, and then add NDI® source device in OBS.

  4. Can I view packet loss rate of Pro Convert device?

    Yes. You can view the packet loss rate via the Web UI. In addition, packet loss is mostly caused by network conditions. It is recommended to set up a proprietary LAN to reduce packet loss rate caused by network delay and jitter.

  5. Is it complicated to set up the network configuration for the Pro Convert device?

    You only need to ensure that the Pro Convert device and other devices in your NDI® workflow are in the same LAN, then the Pro Convert device automatically gets the IP address over the DHCP network. If your network is not DHCP, please refer to this article to log in to the Web UI and then go to "System > Network > ETHERNET" to set IP address manually.

  6. Can I set the output resolution and frame rate of Pro Concert devices?

    Via Web UI, you can set the output frame rate (1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4) and resolution.

  7. Can Pro Convert devices work across network segments?

    Yes. This feature is provided by the latest firmware.

  8. What is the latency from encoding to rendering when using Pro Convert device to transmit 1080p30 signal?

    During the processes of capturing video, NDI® encoding, transmission, NDI® decoding and rendering, the Pro Convert device is affected by network state, switches, decoders, and displays. Ideally, for a Magewell codec, delay when processing 1080p60 signals is about 70 ms. We recommend that you use hardware-only switches and monitors to avoid delays that brought by the operating system. If you use the Magewell Pro Convert NDI® decoding product, you can also use the device's Web UI to reduce the video buffer to further reduce the latency of the entire workflow.

  9. Do Pro Convert devices support multicast transmission?

    Yes. But multicast transmission only recommended for LAN that is not connected to an external network.

  10. Does Magewell provide an SDK for Pro Convert?

    Yes. We provide API documentations and example codes to help users easily use the interfaces and control Pro Convert devices.

  11. Is it possible to decode the NDI® stream emitted by another device using Magewell Pro Convert device?

    Yes. The Pro Convert NDI® decoder can decode Full NDI®, NDI®|HX, and NDI®|HX2 streams sent from software or hardware encoding devices.


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