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What to do if I forget the password of Web UI

Article ID: 006020008 Ultra Stream Family

Please refer to the following steps to reset all settings, so that the password of Web UI can be reset to Admin.

  1. Reset all settings of your device.
    • In the Ultra Stream app, go to SETTINGS > General > Reset, and then tap on Reset All Settings.
    • Long press the Red REC button on the Ultra Stream device panel for 5 seconds until all indicators light up. Then all parameters will restore to factory default value.
  2. After the device recovery is complete, use the Ultra Stream app to re-configure your device.
  3. Check the IP address of Wi-Fi or Ethernet in SETTINGS.
  4. Enter the IP address in your PC browser, reconnect your device, open the Web UI and sign in with the default account:
    • User name: Admin
    • Password: Admin

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