All in Cloud

The Magewell Cloud intelligent, centralized management software makes it easy for systems integrators, administrators, and IT staff to manage multiple Magewell IP devices such as encoders and decoders.

Available for installation on your own server or cloud hosting platform, Magewell Cloud also includes powerful stream management features including SRT gateway functionality and protocol conversion. Magewell Cloud maximizes user convenience while saving infrastructure management effort and costs.

One Management Platform for all Magewell IP Devices

Administrators can remotely configure device parameters, trigger operational functions and upgrade the firmware of multiple devices in batches. They can also group devices together and assign permissions for different devices or groups.

Simplifying Multi-Point SRT Streaming

Magewell Cloud simplifies one-to-many or many-to-many streaming with the SRT protocol by serving as an SRT gateway. SRT-capable Magewell devices and third-party SRT products can connect to it rather than directly to each other. Instead of allocating public IP addresses for each device, you only need to ensure the Magewell Cloud is accessible over the Internet.

* Available in paid MC 50 and MC 150 versions. Not available in free basic version.

Streaming Protocol Conversion

While the SRT protocol enables secure, reliable, low-latency transmission even over unpredictable networks such as the public internet, many legacy encoders or decoders do not directly support SRT. The Magewell Cloud platform can convert streams bi-directionally between RTMP and SRT, allowing users to take advantage of the robustness of SRT while providing compatibility with a broader range of devices and software.

* Available in paid MC 50 and MC 150 versions. Not available in free basic version.

Flexible Deployment

Magewell Cloud supports Docker technology, enabling deployment on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Customers can run it on private server or public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, and can view the host platform’s CPU, memory, and network usage through Magewell Cloud’s browser-based GUI.


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