Terms of Privacy Policy

Note: please read the following terms carefully before you browse the Magewell website. Once you continue to browse or use the Magewell website, you are deemed to agree and accept these terms. If you do not agree these terms, please stop browsing or using the Magewell website.

Your private information is very important to Magewell. This privacy statement indicates the information principles of Magewell website, including what kind of information is collected and traced, how to use such information and with whom it will be shared.

Personal Information

Usually, you can visit this website by internet without telling us who you are, and you do not need to provide any personal information. However, we or our partners may ask you to provide information sometimes.

You can decide to provide your personal information in any situation. For example: you may need to provide us with information (such as your name, address or email address) so we can contact you easily, deal with your orders or send you subscription information. You may buy products from us by providing us with your credit card information, or describe the education you have received and your working experience (it is related to the open position you expect from Magewell). Before we collect information from you, we hope we can let you know how we use your information; we will fully respect your willingness if you do not hope we use your information for further contact (except for contact due to your request). If you provide other's personal information (like your spouse or your colleagues), we will assume you have already been authorized by them.

Personal Information from Third-parties

To provide you with live streaming services to third-party apps or platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook), and guarantee normal creation and running of the services, Magewell devices or apps will collect the information upon your authorization when you register or use the services by the following means.

Collection of account information: when you register and log into third-party apps or platforms through Magewell devices or apps, your nickname, user avatar images and authorization token will be collected by Magewell devices or apps.

Storage and protection of personal information: Your information will be stored and encrypted in Magewell devices or apps after a successful authorization. We will safeguard the security of information with various security protection measures within the reasonable security level.

Usage of personal information: Your information from third-party apps or platforms are used to help you configure live streaming services, establish connections between Magewell devices or apps and the third-party apps or platforms, and start live streaming to your destinations.

Refresh of personal information: Your personal information from third-party apps or platforms will be refreshed each time before you use related features to ensure that stored information remains up-to-date with the information on the third-party apps or platforms.

Deletion of personal information: To delete your information, you can delete the created server from Magewell devices or apps (e.g. YouTube server, Facebook server), or you can remove the Magewell devices or apps from trusted apps from your third-party apps or platforms. For example, you can delete Magewell devices or apps from Google account's security setting or Facebook. Your personal data will be deleted from Magewell devices or apps upon request in 0 to 24 hours.

Use and Share Personal Information

The following paragraphs will describe in details how Magewell use your personal information and with whom it will share. Based on types of Magewell website you visit, one or more paragraphs may be applied. For example: if you order products from Magewell website, your information will be processed in the way which is described in "Realize Your Order Request" and "Market Promotion".

Realize Your Order Request

If you wish to get something from Magewell website (for example: products or service, calls or detailed promotion material), we will use information provided by you to realize your request. In order to help us to achieve the work, we may share your information with others who are related. For example: other related departments of Magewell, Magewell's partners, financial agencies, transport companies, post office or governmental department (such as custom). Besides, we will contact you to get to know customers' feedback or to make a market research.

Market Promotion

The information you provided to Magewell by Magewell website may be used by Magewell or any selected third party for the purpose of market promotion. Before using the information, we will ask you for confirmation whether you agree your information is used in such way.

Magewell Human Resource

About position application or inquiry, you need to provide your information (resume) wherever the advertisement is posted on Magewell website or other places. Regarding the recruitment, we may ask you for your personal information. We will use such information within all the related departments of Magewell. Unless you ask us not to do that, we will save such information for future use.

Magewell Forum and Chat Room

If you join Magewell forum or chat room, you shall know the information you provide will be known by those who visit the forum or chat room (may be the internal staff or external personnel of Magewell). Please note that personal forum and chat room may have other standards and requirements. Every member of the forum or chat room can only represent her/his own opinion and does not represent Magewell's opinion.

Other Magewell Website Notice

In some circumstances, some specific Magewell sites may include other terms of use as well as information standards that are applied to these web sites.

Global Standards

We may share your personal information within Magewell and forward it to the countries or regions where we have started the business. In some countries or regions, they may not have strict laws to protect your information. In these countries or regions, we will still process your information based on content describe in this standard.

Information Security and Quality

We hope to secure your personal information and ensure its quality. We will adopt some proper actions and methods (for example: adopt the technology of encryption when transmitting some sensitive information) to help us secure your information and ensure its quality.

Supplementary Information

Sometimes, we may use information from other sources to supplement the information you provide by Magewell website, for example, to ensure your address is valid or whether the other business is available. This will help us ensure the accuracy of the collected information and help us provide better service.

Conditions Applying to Using YouTube and Google Drive

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to use of the YouTube API Services in Magewell's Ultra Stream, USB Fusion and Director Mini products to stream video directly to your YouTube account and use of the Google Drive API Services to upload files to your Google Drive account.
  2. Google's privacy policy applies to videos once they are streamed to YouTube and files once they are uploaded to Google Drive. Google's Privacy Policy can be accessed at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy.

Conditions Applying to Using Facebook

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to use of the Facebook API Services in Magewell's Ultra Stream, USB Fusion and Director Mini products to stream video directly to your Facebook account.
  2. Meta Privacy Policy applies to videos once they are streamed to Facebook. Meta Privacy Policy can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/privacy/policy.

Cookie and Other Technologies

Sometimes we collect some anonymous information from visitors of this website, and it will help us to provide better customer service. For example, we trace zones which are visited, and evaluate the visiting frequency of Magewell website. However, the method we adopt still keeps the information anonymous. Sometimes the information will also be called "data of click". Magewell or other agencies on behalf of Magewell will use the data to analysis the development tendency and statistical figures in order to help us provide better customer service.

Meanwhile, when we collect your information, we will sample some information anonymously, and use them together with other anonymous information (such as data of click). Anonymous information of this kind can only be used and analyzed together with other anonymous information, and it will help us understand customers' visiting tendency and models. In some specific information level, such information will not be detected. If you do not hope that details of your deals are used in this way, you can decline Cookie.

We collect the above information by various kinds of technology (including technology called "Cookie"). A cookie is a piece of text that sends from the Web site to your browser, and can be saved as an anonymous label in the computer, which is used to label your computer instead of you. When you browse the website once again, some pages of Magewell website will use Cookie (sent by Magewell or a third party provider) or other technologies to provide you with better service. You can set your browser so it will inform you before it receives Cookie and asks for your permission as whether to receive it or not. You can also choose to stop Cookies when you set your browser. However, if you do that, some Web sites may not function well.

Monitor of Service Quality

Some web deals may require you to call us or us to call you back. Please be aware that it is the regular operation model of Magewell. In these circumstances, such calls will be recorded for purposes of staff training or quality warrant.

Personalized URL Links

Sometimes we will provide personalized and customized Web site for some visitors. If you visit some site, and may find this site is customized based on products/service you may be interested. It is done based on your previous communication with Magewell and information you provide to us. When you visit the Web site, we will collect information about your visiting in order to modify the site to provide information based on your interests. Such customized Web site invitation will usually be provided to you by personalized URL or Web registration notice or when you login some website.

If you choose to visit some website, it implies that you have agreed that Magewell can collect your visiting information and connect it with your other Magewell related information. If you do not hope that your information will be used in this way, you cannot accept the visiting invitation of these sites.

Information Required by Laws

Please understand, in some circumstances, according to jurisdiction and other governmental summon, authorization/approval, search warrant/statute may ask for disclosure of personal information.

Privacy Technology

The development of technology can help you control your personal information in a better way. It can also help every organization to manage the privacy policy and standards. As the provider of information technology, Magewell supports the development of privacy technology positively, and help realize these goals, and try to establish more trust and confidence by methods of processing personal information.

There are other available products and service that can help you control your personal information when you browse the Web. Read more about related tools of privacy, please click: http://www.privacyalliance.org/resources/rulesntools.shtml. Please note Magewell has not formally evaluated these tools.

Other Websites

Magewell website may include some links of other websites. Magewell is not liable for the privacy policy, operation customs and contents of these websites.

Change Notice

The latest update date of this Privacy Policy is 23rd, April, 2024. We will provide notice on this website for your approval prior to the change becoming effective if we make substantive modification of this Privacy Policy. If you don't agree with the revised terms, please stop using the website immediately.

About Privacy and Visit

If you have problems with this statement, you can send emails to Magewell coordinator. The email address is privacy@magewell.com.

If you have problems in how Magewell processes your information or you hope you can get a copy of specific information you provide to Magewell, or you realize you have provided incorrect information to us and hope to correct it, you can contact us by the following email address: accreq@magewell.com. However, before Magewell provides any information or correct any incorrect information, we may need to verify your identity and ask your provide other detailed information to help us response to your inquiry. We will try to reply to you within a proper time.