Use the interface to set NDI configurations.

HTTP Request

GET http://ip/mwapi?method=set-ndi-config&param1=value1&param2=value2...

Response Body

 "status": 0
Name Description
status 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.


1. Enable NDI
Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
enable Indicates whether to enable NDI. If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
2. Set Source Video
Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
source-name Indicates the NDI source name used for the converter. %board-id% and %serial-no% are the only supported variables.
group-name Indicates the group that the converter is multicasted to, separated by commas if there are multiple groups, including public,test, etc.
3. Set Multicast (Beta)
Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
enable-mcast Indicates whether the multicast is enabled. If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
mcast-addr Indicates the multicast address.
mcast-mask Indicates the subnet mask for multicast address.
mcast-ttl Indicates the multicast time-to-live value, that is, the number of hops that a packet travels before being discarded in the local network. The value rages from 1 to 255.
4. Set Failover

You can obtain the backup channels through the get-ndi-sources interface.

Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
enable-fail-over Indicates whether failover is enabled. If yes, when the source video fails, the backup device begins to provide a service, and it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
fail-over-ndi-name Indicates the backup NDI channel name.
fail-over-ip-addr Indicates the IP Address of the backup NDI channel.
5. Set Receiver Control
Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
enable-ptz-control Indicates whether you can control a connected PTZ camera through the NDI Studio Monitor. If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
enable-web-control Indicates whether you can open the Web UI by clicking the gear icon in the NDI Studio Monitor. If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
6. Set NDI Vendor
Parameter Description
method set-ndi-config
vendor-name 1 to 63 characters
vendor-id 1 to 31 characters

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