Pro Convert

Tech Specs

Innovate and Enhance the Live Production Workflow

Adopting NDI® for encoding and transmission, the Pro Convert Family convert video signals such as HDMI and SDI to NDI® streams which will be available to all the systems on the same network regardless of the physical distance, ensuring high-quality, low-latency IP-based live production experience superior to traditional live production solutions.

Video-over-IP Solution has Never been so Simplified

All you need as a live content producer is a suitcase to take Pro Convert devices and the accessories, a network switch and a laptop. The converter takes in a wide range of signals from various source equipment including cameras, production workstations, media players, games consoles, etc. and is compatible with numerous NDI®-enabled software.

Easy-to-Use; Zero Configuration

The converter automatically detects network and the video input signal. Manual configuration of network or selection of source format are not needed. Just plug in the cables and it will simply work.

Compact and Powerful

Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus features a small size of 117.5mm by 66.7mm (4.63” by 2.63”) and 23.4mm (0.92”) thick, weighing only 234g. Tiny as it is, the converter supports input of HDMI 2.0 signal at a max of 4K60 4:4:4 while encodes at 4K60 4:2:2.

Scalable solution with lower investment in equipment

With the Pro Convert devices, the Video-over-IP solution will allow adding any number of inputs. Users just need one more Pro Convert to add one channel of input with no need to purchase or upgrade expensive equipment like video matrix and video capture devices.

Fit into the Existing Workflow Causing No Major Changes

Simply connect a Pro Convert to your video source to make the solution IP-enabled. The converter provides loop-through interface so that users can still connect to the same subsequent equipment, not affecting the original setup and minimizing the effort to integrate.