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Which audio types can be adjusted by USB Fusion

Article ID: 007020008 Last Update: 2022-08-18

Applies to: USB Fusion

USB Fusion supports adjusting the audio output and inputs.

Audio Output

Output : Sets the output audio, namely, USB OUT audio to the computer, and audio for monitoring, which is output through the headset port, WEB CAMERA port, and HDMI OUT port.

Audio Inputs

  • Global audio: audio present across a presentation. Adjustment to such audio applies to the whole presentation.

    • : audio input from a microphone. Microphones connected to both the headset port and the WEB CAMERA port can be used as global microphones and their volume are both adjusted here.
      The microphone on the headphone plugged into the headset port can be used immediately. For the microphone connected to the WEB CAMERA port, you need to first select it as a global USB microphone on the Audio page of the Web UI before it can be used. The two microphones can work simultaneously.
    • : background music.
    • : audio from the computer connected to the USB OUT port. It will not output through the USB OUT port.
    • : audio from the line-in port.
  • Scene audio: audio specific to a scene, which switches in/out along with the scene. Adjustment to such audio applies only to the current scene. The following audio types are supported, but only the audio used in the current scene will be displayed.

    • : audio from the HDMI port.
    • : audio from the WEB CAMERA port. The audio is disabled by default. To enable it, you need to set the audio on the Input > WEB CAMERA page of the web UI.
    • : audio from a video file.
    • : audio from a web page.

    If you switch to a notes page, there will be only global audio inputs, no scene audio inputs.


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