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How to start casting to USB Fusion

Article ID: 0007020001 USB Fusion

You can add a screencast scene through the following ways.
  • Press and hold on the device for 2 seconds to switch to the screencast scene.
  • At the lower left corner of the App, tap and select Screencast.
  • On the Web UI, click Presentation > Scenes > Add, select Screencast. Then select the added screencast scene.

Then, the current scene will display the screencast guide. You can see the clear guide on the monitor or HDTV connected to the HDMI OUT port. (The HDMI OUT is set to output PROGRAM, which is the default setting.)

The guide displays the following information:
  • The device's private hotspot name and password.
  • The Wi-Fi and Ethernet that the device is connected to.
  • The screencast steps and device name.
Follow the guide to start casting.

It supports 4 devices casting simultaneously, and you can hold   to switch screencast images.

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