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Which revision of the Ultra Encode HDMI (or Ultra Encode SDI) hardware do I have?

Article ID: 0012050001 Ultra Encode HDMI, Ultra Encode SDI

Ultra Encode

With changes in internal component availability since Ultra Encode HDMI and Ultra Encode SDI were first launched, there are now two revisions of these products: rev A and rev B. The rev B version incorporates a more recent chipset and adds a power switch on the front of the device. Users can tell which version of the Ultra Encode hardware they have by the presence of this power switch, and when updating the device, they should deploy the appropriate firmware update specific to their revision. The revision B Ultra Encode units deliver the same capabilities as their earlier revision A equivalents.

Our goal is that existing revision A devices continue to provide all original Ultra Encode functionality, while allowing revision B devices to take advantage of opportunities in the new chipset. While revision A is no longer sold, we are continuing to offer updates and bug fixes for these units to maintain their existing functionality. There may be additional enhancements in the future that are only available on revision B because they require the newer chipset.

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