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How to capture 3D signals

Article ID: 004020006 XI200XE-MINI

1Download the driver

Go to Download Center > Product Family, select GN1, and then download the driver.

2Modify the INF file of the driver and then install the driver

  1. Open the XI200XE_MINI.inf file in the driver directory.
  2. Look for the line where the string "EnableCombinedVideo" locates, and then change "0x00010001,0" to "0x00010001,1" at the end of the line.
  3. Save the INF file and then install the driver.

3Add the video capture device

Run DirectShow or SDK and a new combined video equipment will be enumerated (by default, only two video capture device can be enumerated).

You can go to Download Center > Capture SDK to download SDK.

4Record the 3D video

Open the Combined video device, and then the 3D signal will be transmitted through two DVI-I interfaces and capture as a side-by-side 3D video.

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