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Use audio 5.1 or audio 7.1 in Linux

Article ID: 301020007 Pro Capture Family


1Install devices

  1. Insert the capture card into the motherboard of the computer.
  2. Connect the audio and video source to the capture card.
  3. Update your driver to the latest version.

2Download SDK

Go to Download Center > Capture SDK to download SDK.

3Setup sound track

  1. Run the VLC player and select the input signal.
  2. Set the sound track of the input signal source to 5.1 or 7.1.
  3. Capture and display the video source.

4Check sound track status

  1. Open the mwcap-info program in SDK, and run the following command: mwcap-info –info-input-all /dev/video0
  2. In the displayed information, locate Input Audio, and then check whether the multi-track setting takes effect.
    • If audio 5.1 takes effect, the values of channel 1&2, channel 3&4 and channel 5&6 will all be "Valid".
    • If audio 7.1 takes effect, the values of channel 1&2, channel 3&4, channel 5&6 and channel 7&8 will all be "Valid".

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