How to Select the Transport Mode of Magewell Pro Convert Encoders

This blog explains how to select the transport mode of Pro Convert NDI® encoders: UDP (Unicast), UDP (Multicast), TCP (Uni-Connection) and TCP (Multi-Connection).

Transport Mode
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How to Use of Pro Convert Decoders’ Hotkey Function to Quickly Switch NDI Video Sources

Users can define keyboard "hotkeys" of Pro Convert decoders to quickly switch between source streams, enabling more flexible presentation and display without the need for a separate switcher.

Hotkey Function
Pro Convert Decoder

How to Use the SmartEDID Function of Magewell Capture Devices to Optimize Loop-Through Display Compatibility

Magewell's capture devices support the SmartEDID function. Depending on the specific input capabilities of the capture device and those of the product connected to the loop-through interface, the Magewell unit will intelligently send appropriate EDID information to the source equipment to ensure that both the capture device and the loop-through device receive a compatible signal.

Capture Devices

How to Use the Failover Function of Magewell Pro Convert Encoders

Magewell Pro Convert encoders offer automated failover for fault-tolerant NDI transmission. If a decoder cannot receive an NDI stream from the primary encoder, a backup Pro Convert device takes over transmission; the initial source will be restored after the primary encoder recovers.

Failover Function
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How to Push and Pull RTSP Streams with Magewell Ultra Stream Encoders and Pro Convert Decoders

Magewell Ultra Stream encoders support sending RTSP streams, and Pro Convert decoders can decode RTSP streams. In this blog we'll introduce how to use Ultra Stream encoder and Pro Convert decoder to push and pull RTSP streams.

RTSP Streaming
Ultra Stream
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How to Configure Magewell Ultra Stream Encoders for Stable Streaming

This blog will introduce 4 tips for configuring the Ultra Stream encoder and network environment to help users who use Ultra Stream achieve stable and reliable live streaming.

Ultra Stream
Live Streaming