Managing Audio for Dual-PC Streaming

A dual-PC setup can ensure the smoothness of the content production and video playing, this blog will take game streaming as an example to introduce how to use Magewell capture devices to achieve dual-PC streaming, especially about how to set audio options.

Audio Settings
Software Streaming

How to Capture 1080p 144fps Gaming Video Signals with Magewell Devices

Most game players tend to use monitors of 144Hz or higher refresh rate to pair with games of 144fps or higher frame rate, this blog introduces how to use Magewell capture devices to capture and record 1080p 144fps game video signals.

High refresh rate

How to Bring HDMI or SDI Sources into Zoom and other Conferencing Software

As the demand for virtual meetings and remote learning is surging, this blog will introduce how to bring your HDMI or SDI sources from camera into Zoom™, Panopto™, Skype®, GoToMeeting® and etc, using Magewell video capture device.

Video Conferencing
Microsoft Teams

How to Get a Higher Quality for Images of Different Complexity at a Reasonable NDI® Bitrate

When applying Full NDI to transport video, uses can always adjust a reasonable bitrate per the complexity of the image to find balance between the image quality and the required network bandwidth. We will demonstrate how the bitrate affects the quality of different kinds of images when it comes to NDI in this post.

Full NDI
Encoding Bitrate

How to Use Magewell Pro Convert Encoder to Control PTZ Camera

Magewell's Pro Convert NDI encoders can receive PTZ commands from the NDI decoder and convert them into protocols that can be recognized by ordinary cameras to implement specific operations and simplify on-site production workflows based on NDI technology.

PTZ Control

How to Use Magewell Capture Express V3 for SRT Streaming

Magewell's newly released Capture Express V3 software has added support for SRT streaming. This blog mainly introduces how to use Capture Express V3 for SRT streaming and how to pull SRT streams through Magewell Pro Convert decoders.

SRT Protocol
Streaming Software