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Use the driver panel of capture card to edit EDID

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2Save EDID to local storage

In the HDMI tab page of the driver panel, click Save under EDID to save the original EDID to local storage.

Use the Pro Capture driver panel to save EDID

3Use a third-party software to modify EDID

Here's how to change the resolution in EDID by using AW EDID Editor as an example:

  1. In the File menu, click Open and select the original EDID file.
  2. Select standard data: in the Standard Data tab page, select resolutions in the Established Timings section.
  3. Established Timings in AW Editor
  4. Customize data: in the Detailed Data tab page, select Preferred Timing Block in the drop-down menu under Block. Then click CVT 1.2 Wizard, enter the resolution and the frame rate in the appeared window, and click OK.
  5. Preferred Timing Block in AW Editor
  6. In the File menu, click Save to save the current EDID file.

4Import EDID to the capture device

In the HDMI tab page of the driver panel, click Load to import the modified EDID into the capture device.

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