Pro Convert HDMI TX
Pro Convert HDMI TX

Converts an HD HDMI input signal into Full NDI®

Part number:
64050 US; 64052 EU; 64053 UK;
64054 AU; 64055 KR; 64056 JP

The device is supplied with different options of power adapters.

640500000 (for US/EU/UK/AU/JP users);
640500006 KR

  • Supports up to 2048x1200 60fps input signals
  • Connects existing source equipment into NDI-enabled, IP-based media networks
  • Plug-and-play ease of use with automatic input format detection and DHCP network configuration


Specifications and Features

Input Features

  • Support for up to 2048x1200 4:4:4/4:2:2 60fps HDMI input
  • Support for 8-channel IEC60958 audio streams

NDI® Format

  • Support for up to 2048x1200 60fps 4:2:2 8-bit NDI encoding
  • Send NDI streams across network segments
  • Remotely control PTZ cameras via NDI
  • Support for NDI 4.x

Features & Advantages

  • Very low latency
  • Advanced configuration and device status through intuitive Web GUI
  • Tally lights and camera mounting for live production applications
  • HTTP-based APIs for custom integration
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History version Arrow Arrow

9.66 MB | 2020.12.09

  • Changing to NDI SDK 4.6 and optimizing device performance in the UDP multicast mode.
  • Supporting TCP (Multi-Connection) and TCP (Uni-Connection). Users can switch between TCP (Multi-Connection), TCP (Uni-Connection), UDP (Multicast), and UDP (Unicast) as required.
  • Supporting the PTZ control protocol Visca UDP2rs232 and the configuration of Advanced Visca Parameters for the Visca and Visca UDP protocols. Optimizing PTZ control functions.
  • Embedding the NDI Discovery Service in the device, which can be used for discovering servers.
  • Adding firmware upgrade protection. (If the device is powered off during the upgrade, it can be connected to the computer and accessed by entering in your web browser. It will then be in "protected mode" and the device will start to upgrade again.) 
  • Optimizing Web UI page layout.
  • Fixing other known issues.
Documents User Manual for Pro Convert Decoders
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Documents Short FAQs about Pro Convert
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Documents User Manual for Pro Convert Encoders
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Power Adapter (US/EU/UK/AU/JP)x1

Part number: 98017

Power Adapter (KR) x1

Part number: 98015

USB Type A to Type B cable x1

Part number: 90065

Mini DIN8 to DIN8+DB9 cable x1

Part number: 90110

Tally Light x1

Part number: 99090

L bracket x1

Part number: 92240

Two types of power adapters are provided as options to meet your need. Please choose the right part number when placing the order to our dealers. We recommend you always use the included accessories to avoid unnecessary damage to your device. Please note, the appearance of the power adapter may vary due to suppliers or batches. The images here are for reference only.