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Quick Start Guide for Pro Convert AES67
Language: English |
Update: 2022/05/16

Pro Convert H.26x to SDI Firmware V1.1.743
Version: V1.1.743 |
Language: English |
Update: 2022/02/07
  1. Support to decode HTTPS streams, and support to set code rate for multi-code HLS streams.
  2. Support to set audio track channels for TS streams (UDP, RTP, and SRT).
  3. Support to set the Buffer of the network stream.
  4. Support to decode TVU ISSP streams.
  5. Optimize the output scenes.
  6. Support to log in to the Magewell Cloud platform for remote device control.
  7. Support to enable/disable Check audio PTS through the OSD menu.
  8. Fix known issues.