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Director Mini User Manual
Language: English |
Update: 2023/11/01

Director Mini Firmware V2.2.650
Version: V2.2.650 |
Language: English |
Update: 2023/11/01
  1. USB-C port supports 50fps output to the external screen.
  2. USB-C port supports using external touchscreen to control the device for the "Duplicate Screen" mode.
  3. HDMI IN ports support 4K EDID to fix the issue of some cameras failing to output 4K signals.
  4. USB-A ports support webcam input of 1080P60, NV12.
  5. Supports using DJI and Insta360 series cameras as WEBCAM input.
  6. Supports adding 3 NDI® streams as sources.
  7. "Encode" and NDI® stream support selecting WEBCAM 1 and WEBCAM 2 as the encoding source.
  8. The frame rate options of phone camera source matches the show's frame rate.
  9. Scoreboard supports separately editing the name, score, and other properties of home team and guest team.
  10. Optimizes the delay of NDI® decoding.
  11. Fixes the issue of only being able to select one from two webcams of the same model.
  12. Fixes the issue of sources changing to AFV when selecting GFX.
  13. Optimizes the Auto Update page for Firmware.
  14. Optimizes the output of logs.
  15. Text change of Encode page: Main stream changes to Encode 1, and Sub stream changes to Encode 2.
  16. Fixes the issue of failing to resume live broadcasting when it disconnects abnormally during streaming to YouTube.
  17. Supports visiting Magewell Ticket system via the Feedback of Main menu, and provides log zip files which contain the crash logs.
  18. Improves PTZ control experience.
  19. Fixes the issue of FD leakage caused by NDI® discovery.
  20. Enhances the integrity verification of configuration files and enhances the compatibility processing of configuration files for upgrading and degrading firmware.
  21. Fixes bugs caused by device plugging and unplugging when multiple webcams are bond.
  22. Fixes the issue of hearing scene audio when editing GFX.
  23. Optimizes the timestamp processing for NDI® stream source, fixing high jitter of specific scenes.