Comparing Magewell USB Fusion and USB Capture Devices

This blog post provides an overview of some of the differences between USB Fusion and USB Capture (Plus) devices in two aspects: device features and usage/workflow.

USB Capture Gen 2
USB Capture Plus
USB Fusion

Magewell Cloud Feature Overview: Streaming Protocol Conversion

The Magewell Cloud platform can convert streams bi-directionally between RTMP and SRT, allowing users to take advantage of the robustness of SRT within their workflows while providing compatibility with a broader range of devices and software.

Magewell Cloud

Magewell Cloud Feature Overview: SRT Relay Server

Magewell Cloud simplifies one-to-many or many-to-many streaming with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol by serving as an SRT gateway.

Magewell Cloud
SRT Server

Magewell Cloud Feature Overview: Centrally Managing Magewell Streaming and IP Conversion Devices

Magewell Cloud makes it easy for systems integrators, administrators, and IT staff to manage multiple Magewell IP devices such as encoders and decoders.

Magewell Cloud
Centralized Management

Synchronizing Multiple Input Channels with Magewell Capture Cards

Magewell capture cards include an onboard crystal oscillator that can provide an independent hardware clock for each capture channel. Each captured video frame will be timestamped in units of 100 nanoseconds. The timestamps of frames from multiple inputs can then be used to synchronize those channels.

Synchronization of Multiple AV Channels
Capture Cards
Video Wall

How to Check the Hardware Version of the Magewell Product

Hardware version only changes when the design of the PCB board changes. Updating the hardware helps to optimize the performance or fix known problems. When the users open tickets for technical support on Magwell website, they are required to provide the hardware version.

Hardware Version
Technical Support