Introduction to Video Latency

This blog introduces the basic concept of latency, its importance, factors that can impact it, and some ways to effectively reduce it.

Video Latency

Using Magewell USB Capture Utility to Customize Your Signal Capture

USB Capture Utility provides advanced control and more information regarding capture-related parameters, video processing settings and advanced functions.

USB Capture Utility

Magewell Streaming or Conversion Encoders: Which one is Right for You?

This blog will introduce some key differences between Magewell “Stream” and “Convert” series in three aspects: type of user, network environment, and typical use cases.

Ultra Stream
Ultra Encode
Pro Convert

Introduction to SEI

Supplemental enhancement information (SEI) is additional data inserted into the bitstream to convey extra information, which can be received in accurate synchronization with the related audio and video content.


Automatically uploading recorded video clips from Magewell Ultra Stream encoders to an FTP server

Beginning with firmware version 1.5.170, Magewell Ultra Stream encoders can automatically upload recorded video clips to a user-specified FTP server or FTP site.

Ultra Stream
FTP Server

Efficiently Sending an NDI® Stream to Multiple Decoders via Multicast with Magewell Pro Convert Encoders

This article explains how to uses the UDP (Multicast) transport mode in Magewell Pro Convert encoders to send a high-bandwidth NDI® stream to multiple decoders.

Pro Convert
Full NDI