How to Push and Pull RTSP Streams with Magewell Ultra Stream Encoders and Pro Convert Decoders

Magewell Ultra Stream encoders support sending RTSP streams, and Pro Convert decoders can decode RTSP streams. In this blog we'll introduce how to use Ultra Stream encoder and Pro Convert decoder to push and pull RTSP streams.

RTSP Streaming
Ultra Stream
Pro Convert

How to Configure Magewell Ultra Stream Encoders for Stable Streaming

This blog will introduce 4 tips for configuring the Ultra Stream encoder and network environment to help users who use Ultra Stream achieve stable and reliable live streaming.

Ultra Stream
Live Streaming

Magewell Capture Devices Simplify Online Campus Recruiting for Enterprises

Displaying the enterprise recruitment video through video conference can not only demonstrate the recruitment information vividly, but also get a better interactive experience. This blog will introduce how to realize online campus recruiting using Magewell's capture products, production software and video conferencing software. 

Online Campus Recruiting
Video Capture
Video Conference

How to Use Magewell PCIe Capture Cards on VMware vSphere Hypervisor

VMware virtual machine software can help users virtualize multiple different operating systems on one machine, this blog will focus on how users of VMware vSphere Hypervisor use PCIe capture cards on virtual machines.

VMware Virtual Machine
PCIe Capture Card
VMware vSphere Hypervisor

Streaming Options to Keep Your Worship Community Engaged

Live streaming worship services during COVID-19 pandemic can help community members stay connected, this blog will talk about a variety of live streaming options depending on churches' specific needs.

Church Streaming
Software Streaming
Hardware Streaming

How to Stream Video to a Facebook Page with Magewell Ultra Stream Encoders

For enterprise users, publishing content to Facebook business or brand Page is important. This blog will walk you through how to use Magewell Ultra Stream encoders to stream video to Facebook Page.  

Facebook Page
Ultra Stream
Video Streaming