Configuring Magewell Streaming and IP Conversion Devices via a PC or Mobile Phone

This blog introduces three simple ways to configure Magewell streaming and IP conversion devices using only a Windows® PC or mobile phone.

Configuring IP Devices
Mobile Phone

Tutorial: Converting Streams between RTMP and SRT with Magewell Cloud

Magewell Cloud can convert streams bi-directionally between RTMP and SRT, allowing users to take advantage of the robustness of SRT within their workflows while providing compatibility with a broader range of devices and software.

Magewell Cloud

Tutorial: Multi-channel SRT Streaming via Magewell Cloud with a Single Static IP Address

Magewell Cloud simplifies one-to-many or many-to-many streaming with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol by serving as an SRT gateway. This eliminates the need to allocate public, static IP addresses for each SRT device, as only the Magewell Cloud software installation needs to be accessible over the internet to enable SRT streaming between multiple endpoints.

Magewell Cloud

How to Add Magewell Streaming and IP Conversion Devices to Magewell Cloud

This article will explain how to add Magewell hardware devices to the Magewell Cloud platform.  

Magewell Cloud
IP Devices

Receiving NDI® Streams from Different Subnets with NDI® Decoding Software

This blog describes how to use NDI® decoding software to receive NDI® streams from different subnets of the same network without requiring NDI® Discovery Server, instead of using static IP addresses.


How to Group NDI® Streams on your Network for Access Management

This article introduces a solution for grouping NDI® streams on a LAN using the free NDI® Access Manager utility along with Magewell Pro Convert encoders and decoders.

NDI Grouping
NDI Access Manager