Using NDI® with Magewell Pro Convert Devices and vMix Software

This blog explains how to use Magewell Pro Convert devices in conjunction with vMix in two ways – with a Pro Convert encoder as a source for vMix, and with a Pro Convert decoder receiving and displaying an NDI stream produced by vMix.

Pro Convert

Using Magewell Ultra Encode and Pro Convert Devices to Transport SRT Streams

This blog introduces how to transport SRT streams using Magewell's Ultra Encode universal live media encoder and a Magewell Pro Convert decoder.

Ultra Encode
Pro Convert

Tutorial: Two Approaches to Multi-Platform Live Streaming

Magewell offers solutions for both software-based and hardware-based streaming. This article provides examples of how to use either approach to implement multi-platform live streaming.

Live Streaming

Using the Built-in RTMP Server in Magewell Pro Convert Decoders for Point-to-Point Streaming

This article introduces how to use the built-in RTMP Server in Magewell Pro Convert decoders for point-to-point streaming without self-built RTMP server.

RTMP Server
Pro Convert

How to Select the Transport Mode for RTSP Streams with Magewell Pro Convert Decoders

With the release of new firmware V1.1.652, Magewell's Pro Convert decoders now support a choice of TCP or UDP transport when decoding RTSP/RTP streams. This blog explains how to configure the decoder's RTSP transport mode.

Pro Convert Decoder
RTP over TCP
RTP over UDP

Configuring Magewell Pro Convert Devices to Transport NDI Streams Across Different Subnets of the Same Network

This blog post explains how to configure Magewell Pro Convert encoders and decoders to support multiple subnets using two methods: NewTek's NDI Discovery Service, or the NDI Discovery Service built into Pro Convert units running recent firmware.

Pro Convert