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Screen shows "No Signal" or "Unsupported Signal" when I use Magewell capture device

1Check if the resolution of the signal source exceed the processing range of the capture device Please refer to the tech spec of the capture device on the Magewell official website. The highest supportable resolution can be found in the Input Features section. 2Check if the signal source works normally Connect the signal source to other receiving devices (such as TV). If the other receiving devices cannot display videos normally, the problem should come from the source. Or connect your capture device with other signal source. If the capture device works normally, the problem should come from the original source. 3Check the status of cables and interfaces Use the recommended brands of cables or use the Mini Repeater HDMI 4K to enhance the signal. Mind the length of cables. If the cable is too long, the quality of signal transmission will be damaged. For USB Capture (Plus) devices, make sure they are used with the original USB 3.0 cables provided by Magewell. Check if all interfaces are firmly connected. If there are any worn interfaces, use alcohol pads to wipe the interfaces. If there is a adapter between the signal source and the capture device, replace the adapter. If there is a signal splitter, connect the source directly to the capture device. 4Steps for HDMI devices Make sure the signal source is not encrypted by HDCP because HDCP signals are not allowed to be captured according to the law. Reset the EDID. (See How to reset the EDID of HDMI capture device)

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