Use the interface to get the album file list of the server (recordings or screenshots).

Request Mode

 POST http://ip/mwapi/get-album-files-list
Parameter Description
type The source type
0: all
1: screenshots
2: video recordings

Response Body

JSON structure is as follows:

    "info": {
        "items": [
                "createTime": 1640055676,
                "duration": 0,
                "filePath": "album/2a83adf5-3e0d-4ad0-9af5-81d8fc0fea18.jpeg",
                "id": 2,
                "md5": "md5",
                "name": "2021.12.21 11:01AM",
                "size": 502784,
                "thumbPath": "album/2a83adf5-3e0d-4ad0-9af5-81d8fc0fea18.thumb.jpeg",
                "type": 1
                "createTime": 1640055673,
                "duration": 1849,
                "filePath": "album/16241d75-12ea-4344-bf7f-bf683e9b850e.mp4",
                "id": 1,
                "md5": "md5",
                "name": "2021.12.21 11:01AM",
                "size": 1487872,
                "thumbPath": "album/16241d75-12ea-4344-bf7f-bf683e9b850e.thumb.jpeg",
                "type": 2
        "pageIndex": 0,
        "totalCount": 2
    "message": "success",
    "result": 0
Name Description
result 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
id The file ID
type The file type
1: screenshots
2: video recordings
name The source name
md5 The MD5 value of the file
filePath The relative file path, which can be accessed through http (http://deviceIP/relative-path)
thumbPath The relative thumbnail patch, which can be accessed through http (http://deviceIP/relative-path)
createTime The file creation time with Unix timestamp
duration The file duration, only valid for video, in ms
size The file size, in Byte

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