Use the interface to obtain the device information. Please check whether each sub-item of capability is true, and only when it is true, the corresponding API can be accessed.

Request Mode

POST /api/system/device-info

Response Body

    "device-name": "USB Fusion",
    "product-id": "0x506",
    "product-name": "USB Fusion",
    "hardware-rev": "A",
    "serial-number": "A506210323002",
    "firmware-ver": "1.1.202",
    "firmware-name": "Development",
    "build-time": "2021-12-17 01:07:22",
    "capability": {
        "support-timezone": true,
        "support-ntp": true,
        "support-4g": false,
        "support-station": true,
        "support-ap": true,
        "support-online-upgrade": true,
        "support-sc-control": true,
        "support-ipv6": false
    "status": 0
Name Description
status 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
product-id The device's id
product-name The device's name
hardware-rev The hardware version
serial-number The device's serial number
firmware-ver The device's firmware version
firmware-name The device's firmware name
build-time The device's firmware build time
capability.support-timezone The supported timezone
capability.support-ntp The device supports NTP.
capability.support-4g The device supports 4G modules.
capability.support-station WIFI supports STA mode.
capability.support-ap WIFI supports AP mode.
capability.support-online-upgrade The device supports online upgrade.
capability.support-sc-control The device supports cloud management.
capability.support-ipv6 The device supports IPv6.

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