Use the interface to obtain the general settings of the device.

Request Mode

POST http://ip/mwapi/get-server-settings

Response Body

    "status": 0,
    "launchScene": 26,
    "autoSwitch": 1,
    "usbMirror": 0,
    "gotoSleep": 1,
    "autoBackup": 1,
    "backupSchedule": 2,
    "backupStartTime": 1668565521000,
    "backupEndTime": 1668565882000,
    "backupServers": [
            "id": 0,
            "type": 1,
            "inUse": 1,
            "accountId": "117565090367952230247",
            "userName": "zhixiang zhou",
            "photoPath": "",
            "accessToken": "ya29.a0AeTM1idi0KcffF8y9gvuHSVbPT1OWC3AnRveO6I04CCeDCvefSpPQgrjbDVGDm7BeGkxbWp0UYH_jQQjK6bmX8v0Yg6Z3rrTgCvJ19nKoaW8JmoCvVmgORJnQDi-O2YubkCjn43agBL_Gavde0w2wmjbOoWUaCgYKAckSARISFQHWtWOmFT-XINioxR_XyRa1AMBm6A0163",
            "refreshToken": "1//068k97tdb0IbFCgYIARAAGAYSNwF-L9Irtv5RkQ3JzhpD9dcJiCAzUhA7oUHZJ-ViEcDK5lFVlu3z1yFr9gsC8VqMXEKsLoE4zyc",
            "dirName": "",
            "invalid": 0,
            "remoteDiskFull": 0
Name Description
status 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
launchScene The ID of the landing scene
autoSwitch Once an HDMI or Webcam source is connected with the device, whether it automatically switches to the source
usbMirror Mirror the output of USB-C to display a natural scene
gotoSleep The sleep mode of the device.
0: Never
1: Go to sleep after 30 minutes
2: Go to sleep after 1 hour
3: Go to sleep after 2 hours
4: Go to sleep after 4 hours
autoBackup Whether to enable auto backup. 0: No 1: Yes
backupSchedule The backup schedule. 0: All day long 1: During the specified time period everyday
backupStartTime The start time of the specified time period everyday, in ms
backupEndTime The end time of the specified time period everyday, in ms
backupServers The authentication account information of Google Drive


Name Description
id The unique ID
type The account type. Currently, it only supports the Google Drive platform.
inUse Whether it is enabled. Currently, it only supports one authenticated account, which is enabled by default.
accountId The account ID
userName The user name
photoPath The user account photo
accessToken The access token
refreshToken The refresh token
dirName The upload directory, not supported now
invalid Invalid authentication. 0: Normal 1: Invalid authentication
remoteDiskFull The cloud storage is full. 0: Not full 1: Full

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