Use the interface to get the status information of the HDMI input signal.

Request Mode

POST http://ip/mwapi/get-signal-info/
Parameter Description
source-id The input source ID
0: HDMI 1
1: HDMI 2

Response Body

JSON structure is as follows:

  "status": 0,
  "signal-info-types": ["video-info", "audio-info", "hdmi-info", "info-frames"], 
  "video-info": {...},
  "audio-info": {...},
  "hdmi-info": {...},
  "info-frames": {...}
Response Status
"status": 0
Name Description
status 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
Signal Type
"signal-info-types": [
Video Signal Status (video-info:{...})
"video-info": {
  "width": 1920,
  "height": 1080,
  "scan": "progressive",
  "field-rate": 60.00,
  "color-depth": 8,
  "color-format": "rgb",
  "aspect-ratio": "16:9",
  "sampling": "4:4:4",
  "quant-range": "full",
  "sat-range": "full",
  "frame-struct": "2d"
Name Description
width The total number of pixels, horizontally
height The total number of pixels, vertically.
scan The scan mode, including progressive, interlaced and psf
field-rate The frame rate, including 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94 and 60
color-depth The color depth, including 8, 10 and 12
color-format The color space, including rgb, bt.601, bt.709 and bt.2020
aspect-ratio The aspect ratio, including 16:9, 4:3, etc.
sampling The sampling mode, including 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and 4:4:4:4
quant-range The quantization range, including limited and full
sat-range The saturation range, including limited, extended and full
frame-struct The frame structure, including 2d, 3d-left-right, 3d-top-bottom, 3d-left-right-half and 3d-top-bottom-half
Audio Signal Status (audio-info:{...})
"audio-info": {
  "codec": "lpcm",
  "num-channels": 2,
  "sample-rate": 48000,
  "bit-count": 16
Name Description
codec The encoding type, including lpcm, ac3, aac, etc.
num-channels The number of channels, including 1, 2, .. 16
sample-rate The sampling rate, including 32000, 44100, etc.
bit-count The bit rate, including 16, 20, 24, etc.
HDMI Signal Status (hdmi-info:{...})
"hdmi-info": {
  "mode": "hdmi",
  "hdcp": "none",
  "vic": 0,
  "it-content": false,
  "pixel-rate": "148MHz",
  "timing-htotal": 2200,
  "timing-hactive": 1920,
  "timing-h-front-porch": 88,
  "timing-h-synct-width": 44,
  "timing-h-back-porch": 148,
  "timing-vtotal": 1125,
  "timing-vactive": 1080,
  "timing-v-front-porch": 4,
  "timing-v-synct-width": 5,
  "timing-v-back-porch": 36
Name Description
mode The signal mode, including HDMI and DVI
vic The video identification code
scramble Whether to scramble to prevent signal parsing problems. If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
clock-ratio The CPU clock ratio multiplication, including 1 and 4
hdcp The HDCP encryption mode, including none, hdcp-1.x and hdcp-2.2
repeat-count The repeat count, including 0, 1, 2, 4, etc.
it-content The IT content identifier
If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.
timing-mode-line The modeline
Format: pclk hdisp hsyncstart hsyncend htotal vdisp vsyncstart vsyncend vtotal [flags]
flags: +hsync, -hsync, +vsync, -vsync, interlace, double-scan, sog, +csync, -csync
Example: 23.86 640 656 720 800 480 481 484 497 -hsync +vsync
The unit of pclk is MHz, and that of other parameters is in pixels.
Information Frame (info-frames:{...})
"info-frames": [
    "id": "AVI"、     
    "type": 130,
    "version": 2,
    "length": 13,
    "checksum": 96,
    "data": "ACgAIgAAADkEAACBBw=="
    "id": "SPD",
    "type": 132,
    "version": 1,
    "length": 25,    //bytes
    "checksum": 112,
    "data": "AQAAAAAAAAAAAA=="
Name Description
id The information frame name, including AVI, SPD, etc.
type The packet type
version The packet version
length The packet length
checksum The packet checksum
data The data is encoded in Base64 and displayed in hex.

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