Use the interface to get the default configuration information of the HDMI video source.

Request Mode

POST http://ip/mwapi/get-def-video-config
Parameter Description
source-id The source ID, 0: HDMI 1, 1: HDMI 2

Response Body

    "status": 0,
    "in-auto-color-fmt": true,
    "in-color-fmt": "bt.709",
    "in-auto-quant-range": true,
    "in-quant-range": "limited",
    "brightness": 0,
    "contrast": 100,
    "hue": 0,
    "saturation": 100,
    "deinterlace": "none",
    "out-mirror": false
Name Description
status 0 indicates that the request was accepted successfully. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
in-auto-color-fmt Whether to obtain the color space of input signal automatically
in-color-fmt The color space value of input signal, including rgb, bt.601, bt.709 and bt.2020
in-auto-quant-range Whether to obtain the quantization range of input signal automatically
in-quant-range The quantization range of input signal, including full and limited
brightness The brightness (-100 - +100)
contrast The contrast (50 - 200)
hue The hue (-90 - 90)
saturation The saturation (0 - 200)
deinterlace The deinterlacing option, including none, top-field and bottom-field
out-mirror Whether to mirror the output scene
If yes, it shows true; otherwise, it is false.

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